Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food production department

Food production department
It is one of the largest ares of food and beverage department comprising of various kitchen and their sections. The number of kitchen, manpower and work efficiency depends upon the size and type of the hotel, and the types of meal and service to be catered, from the comercial viewpoint. It contributed major revenue in any catering business. Kitchen is well designed area in which food is prepare and looked for customer service. The verities of meals are prepared and looked by the skilled and semi skilled culinary crafts and the key person, and food is served in specific ares of the catering stablishment. Main kitchen is probably located at the central part of hotel where overal sequence of food receiving, storing, perparing,cooking, serving and creating area are properly designed and managed. Satelite kitchen is constructed to cater to a particular outlet where the main kitchen can not cater due to it's location disavantage. This type of kitchen is known by the type of food. It prepare such as italian kitchen, indian kitchen, chinies kitchen etc.
Fast food kitchen is influenced by American catering techonology. Fast food was developed from original 'fish and chips' concept at that time. It is specially located at the public area of the hotel or out of hotel where ither food is taken a way or consumed at the fast food loung area, display kitchen. Food is prepared and cooked in full open view of customers. Which appeals to the eyes palate and dining experience on the consumers. At the sometime, the sizzle and atom of food items adds to the pleasure of eating eg. grill room. This kitchen also seeks the support of the main kitchen for various items.

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