Monday, February 8, 2010

Housekeeping linen

Housekeeping linen
Housekeeping linen
LInen refers to all fabric used in hotel. However, most of the linen used in the hotel is usually of cotten or synthetic.Generally we can define of linen as follows:-

1. multon cloth:- It is a thick fabric materials displayed as a base and used to hold the tables. It is fixed on the table itself with the rope of thumpin,
2. Table cloth:- Table cloth are the main linen placed over the moulten cloth. This is should maid from cotten fabrics thst can be easily washed,
3. Slip cloth:- These are specially designed small peace of cloth which are laid over table cloth to decrease the wear and tear and to add life and also to cover the staying. usually contrast colour is used.

4. Buffet cloth:- buffet cloth are laid upon the buffet table on which the food items are displayed on chaffing dish for special functions or banquet. This cloth are pinned in a moulten cloth attached with a buffet table,
5. Frills:- Frills are the fabrics used for skirting the buffet table. It can also be used in the guest,
6. Waiters cloth:- these are used by ever waiters as protection against heat and to keep uniform clean. The size of the waiters cloth is 18"l 24w,
7. Guest napkin:- Guest napkins are used by the guest during the dining time to clean and wipe their mouth and hands,
8. Tray cloth:- fresh linen is use to put on the tray. It protect from spilage and breakage of dishes during the service. It is placed on service tray without over napkin.

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